In the early morning hours of  August 9, 2011, two kidnappers entered the home of David and Kathi Byker of Grandville, Michigan. After being bound and gagged, Kathi was forced into the back of her vehicle and the kidnappers sped away with her while holding a knife to her throat. 

This is a story of God's miraculous delivering power. The story also demonstrates some very important truths about a Believer's relationship with God including the power of prayer, God's active involvement in our lives, the importance of knowing Scripture, and the meaning of forgiveness.

We pray that many people will view this testimony and hear the truth about our faithful, Almighty God and be encouraged to Remember God and Call on Him. The Lord is there for all who have put their faith in Him and His Word. It's a choice we all must make.


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Recommended listening:

Came to My Rescue - Hillsong
This song expresses my heart perfectly and helped me through a horrendous ordeal.

Great I Am - Jared Anderson
This particular song is my all-time favorite.

If you would like to, you can follow the story through Media Reports.